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Welcome to Knee-Deep Melodies - Chris Froggatt

Hi all! I started Square Dancing in 1970 in a little town called Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia. Having always had an interest in music, I first tried my hand at calling in1972 and in 1978 I established “Knee-Deep Squares” with my wife Linda. Why “Knee-Deep Squares”? Well Linda said, “frogs go knee-deep, knee-deep”, and our name is Froggatt, so why not? Naturally, it followed that we would call our music label “Knee-Deep Melodies”. We believe that having fun is an important part of the dance experience.

Over the years I’ve admired the many talented people who produce the great music we callers use in this activity. Back in the1990’s I was fortunate to have recorded some vocals on Silver Sounds, and I am grateful for the generous help and advice that Jack O’Leary has offered to me in getting started with this music label.

I look forward to contributing to a wide spectrum of Square Dance Music available to callers, and intend to maintain a high standard of musical production with Knee-Deep Melodies. I am confident you will enjoy adding some of my releases to your musical catalogue and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Please contact me by email on chris@easy.com.au

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